:Saturday, Nickelday, NickeldayNot.

Touring wine country several years, we stopped at Kunde Winery. Sunday, Monday, Kunde.
That’s the word game our guide shared to help us remember the pronunciation of Kunde.

I tried to come up with a catchy lead-in for this blog entry. When I was kid, every Saturday was Nickelday. Mom would give my sisters and I a nickel and off we’d trot to Clanton’s Grocery. It was small neighborhood store, a block and a half away from home. Behind the wooden counter was the candy. Candy bars – way bigger than today’s candy bars! – cost a nickel. Once in a while I’d chose a candy bar, but most of the time I chose penny candy. It felt like more for your money…all that candy in a paper bag.


Saturday. NickeldayNot. Julie drove four hours to help. The dogs needed grooming….shall we say. I was going to put a spin on the following story…  Julie suggested “realizing life is telling you its TIME to stop doing something that has been a huge part of your life”. Or “just because you Love your animals doesn’t mean you can give them the home they need.” Julie took two dogs out of the situation; she wanted to take all five.

It’s now Monday morning. Rick and I have basically been without water since Thursday. It’s been a little crazy and, once again, TIME has passed. The well man is coming this morning. This blog entry could sit, waiting for me to spin a story, but enough waiting. I’ll get down to the bare bones facts. The story can unfold later, as needed.

These dogs need homes!!  They are female littermates. Julie brought one of them back with her. She also brought back their grandmother, who will live out her last years with Val and Marlena. I will be taking in a male from this situation, placing him when the right home comes along. It isn’t like Julie and I needed more dogs. We are both in the process of placing a young adult or two of our own. As we’ve written about in the past, once a dog fulfills its role in our breeding program, that dog Gets Lucky. As responsible breeders, we can’t turn our back on these dogs, any of these dogs.

I will get the Center Stage page updated, share more photos and information about each dog, spotlighting one each morning on the blog, but in the meantime here are the two littermates.



And thrown in for good measure here are the dogs Julie and I are currently wanting to place in forever homes of their own…


Wyatt’s Slideshow

And Rosey…

Please keep these dogs in mind. Do you know someone that’s been thinking about getting an Apso? Please let them know we have dogs in need of Forever Homes. The right Forever Home, of course! Help!

One Comment on “:Saturday, Nickelday, NickeldayNot.”

  1. Cindy Brown says:

    My husband and I are considering getting a girl. perhaps we could set up a meet and greet with my two male dogs and see if they hit it off with one of the girls. Chewy won’t like anyone but he’ll warm up after he gets used to her. Mushroom seems to get along with all dogs, although he is possessive of me.


    Cindy and Ron

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