:Chandra and family…

Tuesday was Spa Day for Chandra and her mother Garma. Puppies – four weeks old the previous day – rode along too. A couple of weeks ago Chandra allowed Garma to help her raise the puppies. Now that’s a smart arrangement!

Nagpo’s Keeper puppies were ‘to the past’…Whisper, Echo and Keeper (call name SiKu). DNA profiling will verify, but I’m certain Chandra’s puppies are sired by Keeper because of the gold sable coloration on all four. Based on that, this litter will be ‘from the past’. The male I choose to stay with me will be named Skyob Pa Po from the Past, call name Sky. Ken suggested that name previously. Skyob Pa Po means guardian. Bobbie put together a wonderful list of Tibetan names, took the list to the Farmer’s Market in Bergen Park and had a young Tibetan woman double check the spellings and meanings. From that list I will be selecting names from the ether. (ether – n 1: the fifth and highest element after air and earth and fire and water; was believed to be the substance composing all heavenly bodies). Chandra means the moon (mind and mother). So, you can see the connection.

See the puppy slideshow.

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