:How to paint an apso

You’ve got to take a look at Katy’s blog!

I hope all of you realize there’s a link to Katy’s blog on the left hand side of this blog. Scroll down to :Apso Aficionados. Her blog is “Katy’s Raindance Journal”. You’ll also see Ken and Katy’s Critter Spot and Beautiful Apso Art. Both fun places to visit, that’s not what I’m writing about today. Through her Raindance Journal, she shares, in step by step progress, How to Paint an Apso, complete with Zeke in his spot in her studio.

I love Katy’s work. Mychal’s Bone is one of my all-time favorite ‘dog’ paintings. Right here, right now, in front of me sits “Panchen: Blind, Travelin’ Silver Dog”. Looking over my left shoulder Is “All Said and Done”. Here’s a bit of what I wrote to Katy upon receiving those paintings:

Even as I’m typing this, I have glanced to my left, feeling my heart warm for several reasons. There is Sadie My Lady painted by my friend Katy from a photo I took on a trip with dear friends. The shadow in the background on the right is Ginny is her pajamas. Julie asked me to show Sadie that entire National Specialty week. Sweet Sadie showed with all her heart – indeed a big heart – and I enjoyed every minute. What a meaningful painting! I’m glad it’s here to keep me company!  

And her response:

This is why an artists paints.  Words convey a lot and have a beauty all their own, but a painting interprets  honest feelings and translates them into color and form emanating straight from the heart.  Truly, “a picture is worth a thousand words.”  When an artists “gets it right”, those feelings and emotions touch the hearts of the viewer, and we have communicated truthfully on the deepest level. 

I love painting dogs!  They are  among the most honest and truthful of beings, full of a generous spirit and big hearts, as in our sweet Sadie Wonder.  She has integrated herself into our household, and hearts,  fully now.  She is such a character, too!  Zeke is just besotted with her and they are good friends; what a pair!  She’s just a delight!
I could right pages about their antics and adventures!  They are truly a dog’s dog!`
Katy’s journal is beautiful. I encourage you to spend more time after learning How to Paint an Apso…unless, of course, you’ve been inspired and are running to the art supply store! Words..I got plenty of words. Drawing. Sketching. Painting. I can only dream…

2 Comments on “:How to paint an apso”

  1. katy says:

    Thank you, Debbie,for your kind and gracious words! I am blessed to be able to share my Apso art with such an appreciative audience. And I am also humbly reminded to hit the spell checker before I hit the send button!

  2. Susan says:

    Awwww, if you could spell perfectly, you’d really really make the rest of us feel inadequate. Bad enough that you make all that painting look so…. easy…. which I know it is NOT.

    Can’t wait to see the painting you’re gonna do of my sister’s Sheltie….

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