Here’s a photo of Panchen, recently sent by Susan…

How’s he been the past couple of days? Was there a celebration July 4th…and I don’t mean a celebration for the USA!

7 Comments on “:Panchen…”

  1. Susan says:

    Panchen/Panny/Champ is sitting here right beside me in the armchair. He just ate a whole cooked chicken thigh cut into pieces — his new twice a day meal, which he loves. His mouth is definitely becoming more problematic, but he is less sensitive now that the two teeth on either side of the tumor have been removed. Last night he let me lift his lip and look at what’s growing in there, and….it is not a pretty sight.

    On Friday we partied in spirit and in food. I cooked up a fresh batch of chicken thighs and chicken livers for everyone, and the dogs were ecstatic. Mostly what we do every day is spend time here together enjoying ourselves. Although I do my best to go off and take care of business (and even some pleasure, as in a bit of wine tasting yesterday), I am loathe to be away from the puppy pod for long.

    Any day may be the one we decide is the last. Every one that isn’t the last one is a bonus.

  2. Susan says:

    The Travellin Man is leaving today. Last night his misery quotient became more than acceptable, and I made him a promise that I would release him. We have an appointment at the vet’s office at 10:30. I have a grave ready for him, and I’m going to bury him in the fuzzy blanket that Gail brought with him when he got here. He will carry with him all of the love that has come to him from each and every one of you.

  3. How bittersweet these last days become … and something to be treasured for the love shared so tenderly in the fading light of these mortal bodies.

    Head high, nose to the wind, Panchen … prayers flags whip in the crisp air, the lofty peaks of the Himalayans gleam in the distance … and the ancestral home beckons from afar.

    Godspeed little one.

  4. Gail says:

    Susan, you were Panchen’s angel. Now his sight will be restored and he will be able to run freely and happily beyond the Bridge…Thank you Susan.more than you know…..I am so upset about this I can barely express it to you…love, gail

  5. Susan says:

    Gail. You should know, that I did — as I had said I was going to — bury Champ in that beautiful, soft, fuzzy blanket that you brought here with him when you passed him into my care. He looked and was, completely and entirely peaceful.

  6. Gail says:

    Susan, I need to send you something via snail mail and I don’t have your address still…Can you email it to me (gduboe@comcast.net)?

  7. Chris Geiser says:

    I’m saddened to hear this news. Champ embodied the Light… Your kindness was a great blessing to him.
    You, Champ, and “pack” are in my prayers.

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