:Iris wins a 3-point major!

Iris is leaping with joy…again! Yesterday she won a 3-point major! Best of all, Shellie was showing her. Way to go ladies!!!

If someone has a similar photo of Shellie leaping for joy, please send it to me. 🙂 Shellie, although I love this photo of Iris…it’s the only one I have. At least currently cataloged…

Last weekend, being efficient, utilizing the system learned these past months in my Library of Memories class, I made a huge mistake. I did some reorganizing of photos directly in My Pictures and managed to corrupt the catalog (database) I’ve built in the past two years using Photoshop Elements. The beauty of that program is ‘tags’. When new photos are added, I ‘tag’ them and when I want a photo of….let’s say Iris, all I have to do is hit the Iris tag and up comes all of Iris’s photos, along with the exact location of the actual photo. Really slick! Unless the idiot operating the software forgets all reorganizing of photos must be done using said software. If you don’t, the software gets its revenge!

Live and learn. And learn again. And again. That’s my motto.

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