:Chandra’s day…

Talk about the ultimate multi-tasking day! Yesterday, during the day – DURING THE DAY!!! – Chandra whelped her puppies. One female. Three males. It appears they’re all sired by Keeper because they’re all sables. DNA profiling will be the proof.

We knew the exact date she’d ovulated because of a progesterone test. Based on this Dr. Hess told us Chandra’s due date was June 16 – June 18, which is 61 to 63 days after ovulation. Ah! The wonders of modern canine reproductive science. I’m getting addicted the more I experience the knowledge it offers! Dr. Hess saw four puppies when Chandra was ultrasounded. Chandra whelped four puppies. Dr. Hess saw three puppies when Nagpo was ultrasounded. She whelped three puppies. Nagpo wasn’t progesterone tested, so her due date was determined the old-fashion way…counting 63 days from when she accepted Keeper. Chandra whelped at 61 days. Nagpo appeared to whelp early. Based on the old-fashion method, she was due four days later. Of course, I should have known she’d whelp the night following those four days of dog shows!

Chandra (Panchen x Garma) lives with my friend Bobbie. Bobbie had been tracking her temperature three times a day the past week. Her temperature dropped to 98 degrees Sunday afternoon. She was nesting. We made arrangements for Bobbie to call me, no matter what time of night, if Chandra went into labor. I had my supplies packed, everything ready to go. All I had to do was jump out of bed, throw on my sundress and drive about an hour and a half. I told Bobbie puppies are usually born during the night. With that temperature drop, I didn’t think Chandra would wait until Monday night. On the other hand, I’ve sat up many a night waiting for puppies, only to have them born the following night. So, we made the above arrangements.

After a night of bizarre dreams – surely brought on by the possibility of the puppies imminent arrival – I phoned Bobbie first thing in the morning and told her to bring Chandra to me that morning. Chandra began labor on the trip to Evergreen and whelped her daughter at 11AM. In the daytime!! Her brothers followed and by 1:30PM all had arrived into this realm safe and sound. It was quite a day!

Garma, Chandra’s dam, also lives with Bobbie. Bobbie had so much wanted to witness the birth of Garma’s puppies, but sometimes reality and wants are two very different things. She had given up a trip to see her brother because of these puppies. No matter how I tried to let  her know I didn’t mind caring for Chandra and her puppies, she simply wouldn’t go on that trip. I’d offered other ideas – like waiting until next season to breed Chandra. Nope. Bobbie insisted Chandra and her puppies were top priority. She hasn’t seen her brother in years, so I was feeling a bit ?? guilty. That it worked out for Chandra to be surrounded by all the Ladies in Her Life….well….it was grand. Grand! Garma came along and rested in a crate next to her. Bobbie sat with her the entire time. I multi-tasked, grooming client dogs three feet away, a handy bucket of warm soapy water to wash up as each puppy was delivered. Now, this might all sound crazy to you, but it worked wonderful! And, Chandra is well acquainted with my grooming shop. She loves to come see me! Her puppies were born in the same crate she stays in during her grooming days every six weeks.

When I got home last night, Rick wondered if I could train all the mothers to deliver during the day. Don’t I wish!!!

5 Comments on “:Chandra’s day…”

  1. Susan says:

    Oh wonderful. I’ll tell Panchen/Champ that he’s a grandpa … again!!!!

  2. katy says:

    Many congratulations to you all! Hooray for more Gompa babies!

  3. Ginny says:

    Yeah and congratulations for the efforts everyone made to bring the puppies into the world!! It’s always a happy day when puppies are born !!

  4. shelley says:

    i continue to be excited/fascinated by the Gompas and their link to antiquity. Congratulations!!!

  5. lhasalhady says:

    Since the puppies all appear to be sired by Keeper I, of course, had some questions…which maybe I should have asked prior to breeding Chandra to two different males. After playing phone tag with Dr. Hess for several days, my questions were answered by one of her technicians.

    90% of dual-sired litters end up with puppies from only one of the sires, no matter the procedure. It’s nature, survival of the fittest; the fastest, strongest sperm arriving first to fertilize the eggs.

    Most breeders do dual-sired litters because the sire of choice may be compromised; age, therefore, sperm quality is the biggest factor. The approach with that scenario is to do the breeding with the compromised male, followed the next day by the back-up male. This timing gives the compromised male’s sperm a better chance of winning the Race to the Eggs.

    If you want puppies sired by two different males – a litter of half and half – Dr. Hess collects from both males and actually mixes the two samples together and inseminates the female.

    I know understand why the puppies all appear to be sired by Keeper. Chandra was bred to him in the evening and to Khamma the following morning.

    With this knowledge, I’ll approach the next attempt at a dual-sired litter differently!

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