:back when a smoke was a smoke…

and groovin’ was groovin’.

Remember that stanza? I have no idea why it’s been in my brain the past day or so, but there it’s been! And wouldn’t ya know it…once again time has gotten away from me this morning. I want to share my garden. I want to share Katy’s Brownie Camp fun. Hey! Maybe that’s why ‘back when a smoke was a smoke’ has been in my head…sit-upons and all. If you don’t know what that means, you’ll have to wait in suspense! Right now, I’ve got to feed dogs and make my way to a mock evac for Animal Evac Volunteers, full uniform and all. What a GRAND way to spend a beautiful Saturday morning in the mountains!

I took this photo two weekends ago, driving home from the dog shows. Yep, right out the window of my car. While I was driving. Probably not a good idea. Probably worse than applying makeup while driving. Not that I do that, but I’ve seen it being done. Anyway, I did use the auto setting on my camera, so that a plus for fellow drivers.

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