:Way to go Ginny!

Ginny trekked down to Colorado Springs for the dog show this weekend, all by herself. Not that Ginny doesn’t take off on adventures alone. She does! She thinks nothing of getting in her Honda and doing a long road trip alone. By ‘all by herself’, I mean it was the first time she’s been at shows without at least one of the Lhasa Gals (aka Lhasa Bitches 🙂  ) also exhibiting.

On Saturday Ethan was WD and BOS for 1 point. On Sunday he was WD, BW and BOS for another point. Ginny was really happy with his performance both days. He was moving out in front of her, which always looks great. Maybe he’s over that adolescent hump, Ginny! Or not!

Here’s a photo of Ginny and Ethan winning a 3-point major in Seward…

One Comment on “:Way to go Ginny!”

  1. Woooohoooo!!! What a fabulous weekend, Ginny … congrats on the placements!

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