:Roadie’s Slideshow…

At last! I have no idea how long it will take to buffer. I have no idea how to make that take less time. But, hey! Here it is! The captions on the photos after Roadie journeys to Pennsylvania were on the back of the photos Alma sent.

Roadie’s Slideshow.

6 Comments on “:Roadie’s Slideshow…”

  1. lhasalhady says:

    It took less than two minutes for the buffering process. The slideshow lasted a little over 3 1/2 minutes.

  2. Hello Debby, the sideshow is great. I have dial up so it took awhile to buffer, but it is great. I took him to the vet yesterday to have his sacs done. He was scooting along the floor, they were full. Other wise he is fine. Still looks like he is ready for show.



  3. hello Debby, I checked my color block red on seth. My MaryKay website came up. that is my only website. Should that be corrected. I do advertise my website. Let me know what I should put in the website block or is that okay?


  4. Let’s see if this will work.

  5. lhasalhady says:

    I don’t mind if your name is connected to your MaryKay website. It adds a bit of flavor to the blog, letting people know more about each other and our lives. Vickie’s avatar (photo of Dante) and name (ApsoRescueColorado) take the viewer to her Rescue website. Same with some of the other participants. Run your mouse over the blocks or commentor’s name. If there’s an active link, you will get either a hand on the link or the link will highlight itself. All one has to do to return to this blog is hit the back button in the navigator. You may have to hit the back button several times when returning from your MaryKay site because it’s an animated website.

  6. Thank You Debby, for the info. I didn’t know if that was okay.


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