Caroline sent an update on Seth, which I’ve placed below his latest photo. Seth sons and daughters include Roman, Roadie, Willis, Tango, Saul, Ethan, Ruby and Chloe. I delight in his great-granddaughter Jill’s antics daily. 

I love lots of things about cyberspace, including this blog. Remember Ma Bell’s slogan, Reach Out and Touch Someone? That’s what the blog, the website means to me. It’s such a cool way to stay connected, including with people that have given the gift of a Forever Home to one or more of our dogs. Sometimes, though, what’s shot through cyberspace by perfect strangers tears my heart. I’m not sure about my purpose in sharing the following, especially in a post about Seth… Perhaps because this update is an example that dogs that have been under my care don’t have issues with human attachment?? Perhaps to repair my heart??

Well, here it is…

You mention that the dogs get plenty of human contact, but all I see 
on your photos are dogs in kennels.  This is hardly an ideal set-up 
for dogs who attach themselves strongly to human beings.
I assume that they see a fair bit of you, and the show ring, though 
the latter is pretty artificial for socialization purposes.

You write that you are interested in genetics and as a biologist I am 
interested in what you might term behavioral genetics:

What is your program of testing the extraordinary ability to remember 
visitors that Tibetan Lhasa Apsos exhibit?
And promoting the human attachment?


Hi, Debby,
    Just want to fill you in on Samson (Seth) in the last few months.  He is a very happy boy and enjoys his new life.  He still keeps an eye on me and my whereabouts.  If I leave him to go shopping or such I can almost always find him waiting at the screen door, his little head poking out when I return.  Then there are lots of jumps and tail waggings greeting me when I get inside.  What a homecoming! 
    He is also living up to his registered name “It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere”.  Around this household when it gets close to 5:00 PM he knows it is also getting close to “cocktail time”!  Then he wants his treats.  While we are having a cocktail or a glass of wine Samson gets a tiny bowl of Cheerios.  This was recommended as a treat because he could get too fat with other food.  He loves his Cheerios, just a couple at a time.  He’s so spoiled, but we get a kick out of him waiting for his treat. 
     We still go for walks twice a day and he has met many dogs of all breeds.  So many people want to pet him but he still shys away from most of them.  He is also a great watch dog.  We always know when someone is at the door and if I didn’t know him I would be reluctant to open it.
     Our granddaughter, Erin, is coming to visit next Wed. for about a week.  She loves him and they will have a great time together.  She is graduating from high shool this year and will be off to college next fall.  Whenever she has a few days off she loves to come to Florida.  She lives in Pittsburgh  and the weather has been pretty rough there this winter.     
    We will be returning to Ohio in about 2 weeks so Sam will get to see his buddies  up north.  Unfortunately, his friend the yellow Lab, died suddenly soon after we left Ohio, but there is a new Poodle in the household so I hope they get along. 
    That’s all from the Fraser’s for now.  Just wanted you to know Samson is doing well and we love him.  From what I read in your blog, there has been lots of activity at the kennel and many awards earned. Congratulations!

5 Comments on “:Seth”

  1. Susan says:

    Wouldn’t it be nice if people who think we are doing things wrong would/could manage to present their ideas in a way that didn’t make us want to hit them.
    The critic is making incorrect assumptions based on a small peek and then criticizing you as if that were the whole picture. Aargh….Had the critic asked for your perspective rather than damning you for what he/she assumed it was, you might not have had to grind your teeth.
    Personally I think this is an issue that you should not even have to share with us. It was unjust and unkind.


  2. The thought process of the human mind continues to amaze and in this case, disappoint me. Is that a genetic “mind” flaw or a fault of human integrity? This critic certainly does not understand what is involved in such a passion for a dog breed and caring, managing, protecting a blood line and maintaining a kennel. Certainly this person’s perspective is presented and their ignorance shines through it…………and on a more positive note……I see alot of Roman in Samson’s (Seth’s) photo, especially the eyes. Seems like his personality carried over to my Roman. Thanks for sharing, Caroline. And Debbie and Julie, thanks for such a wonderful line of Lhasas and all your work and love that goes into it. It shows in your dogs. My dogs give me hope even when human nature lets me down. Mary, Roman, Taz

  3. I enjoyed the artical on Seth. Roadie has the similar traits as his father. He sits at the window when I leave home. I leave the window open so he can look out. He know the sound of my car when it pulls up to the door, even if the curtains are closed. I can hear him barking before I get out of the car that he know it is me. He is very helpful in letting me know someone is at the door or near the door, since I have a hearing lost. Debby’s breeding is excetional. I only wish I could get another to keep Roadie company.


  4. Chris Geiser says:

    This critic apparently knows nothing about the tremendous work you have done on behalf of the breed and the dogs themselves. Why don’t they offer to contribute by conducting a study themselves? Anyone can criticize. It takes a lot of commitment and wherewithal to make contributions such as yours.

  5. Mattock says:

    Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Mattock

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