:East Hill Motel

Where on earth, how on earth, Vickie finds this stuff out there in cyberspace is beyond me. During our powwow, as we were exploring ideas for unique trophies, I sat beside her as she shopped online. She’s so efficient!

Here’s a postcard from the 50s of our favorite Seward motel.

These motels are a dying breed, mostly dead actually. Rick and I would rather stay in unique motels and hotels when traveling. I speak from experience. Sure, if you’re lucky (and some might not use that word) enough to find one that’s still open, modern conveniences might be lacking. What may be lacking is usually compensated by character, history and…well…a bit of adventure.

My all-time favorite was the Wish You Were Here Inn in Fort Lauderdale. The first night, arriving very late, Anthony (Nate’s swim coach) wanted to leave. But it was late. Which was part of the problem. There was no one at the front desk. The keys to our room were left ‘out’ for us. All a little too creepy for Anthony! And he’s not exactly a wimp! The motel was art deco in style and backed up to the Inland Waterway, complete with a motel dock. Each night, after a long HOT day at the swim meet, we would sit at one of the picnic tables in the back, drink a cold beer and enjoy the stars. If Anthony were here, he’d tell you The Rothmans were right. It was a good thing we stayed.

The East Hill Motel was purchased about 5 years ago by a young couple. They’ve updated the rooms, the whole place actually. They welcome dogs. They’re friendly. The lower rooms on the left hand side of the postcard open to a small grassy area where we’re allowed to place our ex-pens. Our Lady Of Reservations saw to it that we got those rooms. Each room is equipped with a frig and microwave. I noticed a sign about wireless internet, but have never bothered to take the laptop. What more could we want in Seward?!

Here’s the back of that postcard, dated 1954.

Here’s a (poor) photo I took of a painting that now hangs in the lobby of the East Hill Motel.

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