:Sunday morning…and where’s she been!

Good Sunday morning! Whoops! Make that Good Sunday afternoon! My gosh! Where does time go?! I’ve missed writing an almost daily post, sipping a cup of java, connecting with you in that odd way cyberspace provides. Lots to catch up on, so I’m just going to do one of the those here and there, hear and there, bits and pieces, no rhyme or reason posts.

First the great news. Chandra is pregnant with at least four – did you read that?! – four puppies. Here they are..

As with Nagpo, they still have a ways to go before arrival, but we’re over a major hurdle. All puppies will be DNA profiled to determine the sire of each puppy. Keeper? Khamma? I should have a good idea though as they’re born. If the puppy has an indication of tan point, then it is most likely sired by Khamma. Keeper appears not to carry tan point, as none of his puppies from Nagpo were tan point. Keeper comes from a line that hasn’t show tan point in years and years, so it’s improbable that he carries this gene. Tan point is very common in the Gompa gene pool, which is why the legs and face often appear cream.

Vickie arrived Thursday evening and stayed through Saturday afternoon. Thursday night after dinner – hey! I cooked that dinner! – we retired to the library, like two old men in smoking jackets retiring to have a cigar in the study. I always thought that was a cool vision, so I threw it in here. We didn’t have smoking jackets. We didn’t have cigars. Shockingly, we had a glass of wine. I know. Pull yourself up from fainting. Bringing a rocking chair into the library, we turned the reading chair and the rocking chair a bit to face the computer screens. Now this doesn’t sound relaxing or old school, does it… This doesn’t sound like old men smoking cigars. But it was. The lights were dimmed over the bookshelves. The lights were out over the desk and computers. The ambiance was relaxing as we quietly – okay, okay, it probably wasn’t so quiet! – as we watched the slide shows on both computers. Both Rick and I have our screen savers set up as slide shows. His always shows family photos. Mine is currently set up to show all the photos we all took in Seward. There’s a lot more than I put in the slide show on the blog. That thing loads up, buffers long enough!

As the hours went by, sipping wine, catching up, the slide shows played in the dim light. What I started to notice, especially in light of recently looking at lots of movement photos, was how the dog, no matter the dog, mimicked the action of the handler’s feet. Wow. There it was right before our eyes. No matter the shot. Here’s my favorite…

Friday the powwow started right after the dogs were fed and caffeine was running through our systems. Wow. From morning until well into the afternoon, we worked as Directors of the Gompa Lhasa Apso Preservation Program…which, of course, we are. For nearly a year and half, the focus has been acquiring 501(c)3 status and getting puppies on the ground. The Program was granted 501(c)3 status in February. And, we’ve got puppies on the ground and puppies on the way. Next, we’ll be focusing on updating the Program’s Registry, utilizing different software that will allow for fairly intricate viewing of each dog’s relatives, along with in-depth details on each dog. We also planned A Gathering of the Tibetans, to be held Saturday night, September 6th, in Greeley. We’ll present an update on the Gompa dogs, complete with actual puppies and parents. Siku. Whisper. Echo. Keeper. Nagpo. Hoping not to jinx Chandra’s litter…her puppies are due June 16 – 18, so will be old enough to make a brief visit. So, hopefully Chandra, her puppies and their fathers – Keeper and Khamma – will be there too.

After a brief respite to make some lunch, we came back to the table wearing different hats, planning a fun get-together for Vickie’s rescue people and owners of the FleetFireTimbers dogs.




Changing hats, once again, we went over the details of the upcoming LACCC Specialty show. Right after the Specialty at Island Grove Park in Greeley, we’re holding another potluck picnic we’re calling Lhasas on the Green. Why? Because the showsite has lots and lots of trees and green grass. And, we’re holding Lhasa Races! Sorry, real Apsos won’t be racing but tons of fun anyway. Saturday night The Gompa Lhasa Apso Preservation Program is hosting A Gathering of the Tibetans. The format will be An Update on the Gompa dogs, including the Challenges of Small Population Genetics. Or How to Get Puppies on the Ground! Everyone is invited to both events.  Fanciers. Pet owners. Exhibitors. Breeders.  Both events are intended to be fun!

Late Friday afternoon – or was it early Friday evening – we took off all our hats and kicked back for a well-deserved drink and dinner. The following morning, again after caring for the dogs, and pouring a cup of coffee, we were back at the table. I really, truly thought we had maybe a half hour of work. Not so. We finished up around 2 in the afternoon. Talk about a marathon!

In the meantime, my ever-overflowing inbox of email nearly tipped over. The number hit 100! So, here’s some one-liners trying to catch up.

Alma, Roadie’s slide show will get done… My thoughts are with you and your upcoming tests about your ear.

Rose, Have you yet resolved Tango’s ability to leap tall buildings in a single bound?

Kathy, I miss you.

Katy, I guess it’s best to send the paintings, rather than drive down and get them. :::sigh::: I’ll send the balance this week.

Christa and Ginny, a grooming get-together will need to be postponed or scheduled one weekday evening.

Josh, I am embarrassed your email has been sitting so long. I am going to address your question about grooming Tomu on the blog separately. Later. It’s been so long, you’ve probably come up with a solution! And I haven’t forgotten the request about a dog for your mom. Also! Congrats on you and Crystal’s exciting plans!

Sondra, I loved the questionnaire.

Last, but certainly not least! Fernando is #1 Lhasa Apso in the USA in Breed Standings and #2 Lhasa Apso in the USA in all-breed standings. I am so proud of him and Julie! 

3 Comments on “:Sunday morning…and where’s she been!”

  1. Rose says:

    Well, Tango is still an amazing jumper — although he has been staying in the kitchen with Willis and, on occasion, has knocked over the gate and then both are inside. Hopefully, sooner than later; he will be good enough to trust to having free run! Monday’s are the worse; guess anxiety after having me home for 2 days. Thinking ahead, and Kathy would appreciate this, for Halloween costumes; was thinking (taking your lead) Tango as Superman and maybe Willis can be Batman (cause of his darker coloring!) rose

  2. Kathy says:

    ZAP! POW! BAM! HOLY LHASA APSOS! And what will your costume be, Rose?

  3. lhasalhady says:

    Looking through a supply catalog last night, I came upon A couple of things that might work to halt Superman’s flight. Check out the pet gates at http://www.RyansPet.com. There are several that are extra tall.

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