Yesterday Echo went to her new home. I met Rick and Sharlee years ago. Their poodle Amos was a client at The Plush Poodle in Aurora, which was owned by Mary and where I worked. Mary had Mop-C’s puppies with her one day, a day Rick and Sharlee brought Amos in for grooming. They came with one dog and went home with two! Fleetwood Max. Little Max is the white puppy with the young woman in these photos. In fact, Rick took those photos. After Little Max died, Jenny became part of their family for 17 years, until this past November when she was euthanized. Rick and Sharlee had a request when they purchased Jenny. They wanted me to be her groomer. For those 17 years we met at my grooming shop about every six weeks on Saturday, which is not a day I usually work. Jenny was the reason for Denver Dog Saturday.

Eventually Sarah’s Vivian (littermate to C’est La Vie, Camron, Tambo and Ian) became part of Denver Dog Saturday. Sarah and I have made various arrangements since last November, but I know she’s going to be glad to hear Denver Dog Saturday is back on the schedule.

When Rick and Sharlee were ready for another Apso, I presented them with several options. I was delighted their first choice was to consider a female Gompa puppy. We had a three-way phone call to discuss what that meant…having a litter for the Gompa Lhasa Apso Preservation Program. Yesterday, Echo went to her new home.

Here’s a photo, along with a comment from Echo.

Pretty uneventful trip home.  Immediately pooped in my new back yard and just finished up dinner.  Really helps to have a familiar face like the green horse, though.
See the slideshow of Echo and her siblings.

One Comment on “:Echo”

  1. shelley says:

    Congratulations…Echo is beautiful

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