:Weekend in Seward, NE..4th of July capital

Yep. That’s where I’m headed, along with Julie, Melissa, Ginny, Vickie, my sister Kelly and her friend Ingrid. Seward, Nebraska. Why would we all be going to Seward? Why in April? After all, it’s not the 4th of July. Now that would be a reason to go to the 4th of July capital!

You guessed it. Dog shows. What else would lure us to meet in Seward?! This isn’t a big dog show…nothing like the Specialties in Minnesota or the Rocky Mountain Classic in February. Conformation is judged in one of the only two closed sided buildings on the fairgrounds. Getting grooming space ‘inside’ is a feat, one Vickie has mastered. She has also reserved three motel rooms, side by side, with a grassy area right outside the doors. A small park adjoins the motel, backing right up to our rooms. Perfect! Our Lady of Reservations, I affectionately call her.

The motel itself is one of those old Ma and Pa kind, the kind you rarely see these days – unless it’s on Colfax, being rented by the hour. About 5 years ago a young couple purchased it. Their tender loving care in renovating something from the past is evident. For me, I love these kinds of places. Character. History. Not the same ol’, same ol’ you find with the chain hotels and motels. The owners had packets made for each room last year, containing dog treats and a handy hairbrush/mirror for a people treat. This meaningful gesture was certainly appreciated! It’s nice to know the dogs are not just tolerated, but welcomed.

The dining options in Seward are limited. Pizza Hut is about as good (if you can use that word to describe it) as it gets. A couple three years ago, after eating a meal Vickie titled the Fried Feast, we decided to cook our food in the motel. The rooms have a refrigerator (or maybe Vickie made those appear – she has the capability!) and a microwave.

The purpose of this trip, this weekend isn’t ‘winning’. It’s a great midway place for Julie and me to meet, to see the youngsters living with each other, to evaluate their growth, to exchange dogs. It’s something we do at least once a year, maybe twice a year. Why not do it in conjunction with a dog show, especially one with a relaxed (as long as you have grooming space!) pace, a relaxed energy. It’s a great way for the canine youth to experience dog shows, a travel trip, building their experiences so when it’s time to put ‘pressure’ on them in the ring, they don’t have a meltdown. In fierce competition, a dog must be able to handle the intensity, the competitive energy. Not only handle it, but continue to show off. Some dogs are born naturals, but most must learn.

So, hi ho hi ho, it’s off to Seward we go!!

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