:Faded photographs…

Covered now in lines and creases
Tickets torn in half
Memories in bits and pieces

Remember Traces? The version I listened to was sung by The Letterman. A google search shows the song writers are Buddy Buie, James Cobb and Emory Gordy.

As mentioned before, I’ve been buried in homework for the Library of Memories class. The past two weeks my spare time has been spent going through old photos, placing some of them in category drawers in the Library of Memories system. I’ve come across all kinds of great things to blog! …which will have to wait. Time. That darn time thing! It’s important to me for you to know that I haven’t forgotten the blog. I love the blog! Doing work for the course, I’ve made it ‘my own’, as our instructor encourages. Part of that is actually building blog material into the system.  My response to your comments may be slow coming, but please know I”M HERE learning, working to make this fun place even better.

Remember when I mentioned Sondra enlightened me about how to dress for the ring, marching me to a Target across the street from our hotel in Houston? Here’s a photo, taken at a later dog show, with me in my pearls. That’s Sondra on the left.

Time is breathing down my neck. There are puppies to feed, trash to haul to the top of the driveway and dogs in need of grooming. Does anyone know of a course on Slowing Down Time? I’d like to take it after I complete Library of Memories in June.

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