:AKC Art Gallery

Okay…might as well warn you. Today I’ve got a few errands to run, including picking up my new glasses complete with a new prescription (yeah! maybe I’ll be able to once again see each and every hair on those poodles’ feet!!) and stopping by one of the local vet clinics to finish brushing out Sophie the cat (she greatly resisted our efforts in the shop last Cat Day). But, this weekend I’m basically at home, which means catch up and computer time. Melissa, remember several weeks when you returned from a weekend of shows only to find I’d been really busy with the blog? I expect this weekend will be much the same. More bits and pieces!

There’s no Lhasa Apso art yet, but the new AKC Art Online Gallery is worth a peek.

Visit AKCGallery.comAKC Art Gallery Now Online
Hunting dogs ! Lap dogs! Prissy dogs! We love them all. At last, the AKC has opened its amazing collection of canine paintings to public view. The AKC Collection is available at AKCGallery.com. The collection is composed of some of the finest canine and sporting art in the world. They are all limited edition reproductions that add warmth and richness to every room. They are available in small and large sizes and each one is hand-embellished by an artist making them truly one-of-a-kind. So whether it’s hounds or toys you adore — visit AKCGallery.com today.

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