:Lyin’ in the sun


Champ may not be able to “see” that fine sunny day, but he sure does
know how good it feels on his tiny body.  Actually not so long after I
took this he decided it was too hot, and moved up a step and into the
shade of the screened porch.

He’s lookin’ good, feelin’ good, being just contrary enough for me to
know he’s jes’ fine.

He’s still pretty solitary.  Every morning Sammy plants himself in front
of Champ in “let’s play”, and gets tweaked to the max that Champ
“ignores” him.   Duh…..  I obviously have more reading to do, because
I am wondering if they ever get it that he can’t see them????

It doesn’t matter so much.  I have come to a very satisfactory sense
that this dog belongs here even if he doesn’t mix it up so much.  He
seems to have no trouble getting himself to the front of the group when
it’s time to go back inside after a trip away.  There he is, nose
against the door, before I even get near it with my key.  I know, I
know, they’re supposed to let me in first, but….somehow I take great
pleasure in seeing him push his way to the front….and they don’t seem
to mind, so why should I????

I’m in love with Suzanne Clothier.  She is making our lives richer by
the day.  For 4 years now I’ve wondered why Rinchen won’t bring the ball
back to me when I throw it.  Duh…..he likes the game HIS
way….duh???!!!!   Small thing.  If we’re going to play, why not play
his way????   If he’s willing to sit and wait for food, I should be able
to chase him with the ball, right?

‘Nuf said.
I’m so glad your Chris is home again.

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