:Fernando’s weekend

Just got off the phone with Julie. Fernando won the group under Robert Sturn!! Yesterday he placed Group 4, another nice win.

Way to go Fernando!


Melissa’s Ella (a Sadie x Damon daughter) was RWB today for the second time in several shows (including a major RWB). Lookin’ forward to seeing that puppy, yes I am.

4 Comments on “:Fernando’s weekend”

  1. Vickie says:

    WTG Julie and Melissa!! Congrats on a great weekend …

  2. Ginny says:

    What a wonderful weekend !! I’m delighted for both of you. Keep it up !! Melissa, I can’t wait to see Ella, she’s a cousin to my two, Ethan and Chloe. Who knows, maybe Minnesota is in the cards for August.

  3. lhasalhady says:

    Melissa took some awesome photos of Fernando in the Group. When I get them uploaded to the website, I’ll let you all know. Now that she’s figured out how to photograph motion, I’m going to see if Melissa will help me with that next time I see her.

  4. MELISSA says:

    It was a Fun weekend…
    even if Josie didn’t win 😦
    Wow, I must not have been on the site in a while…it’s gonna take me days to check it all out!
    I don’t know Debby, those photos may just have been luck….we’ll see after the next show.

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