:My Edie Beadie


Okay. It’s now way after Five O’clock Somewhere. And, yes, we had a dog named that! I’m anxiously awaiting a phone call from Julie. Fernando was shown today. Josie could now be a champion. Keeping fingers crossed!!!…. A day spent catching up. A day spent uploading. And here we are now. Edie. My Edie Beadie. I love this little dog. And for all you neophytes out there, learning to accept limiting your dog’s play because of growing show coat, because your dog needs every advantage, please know that there are still those dogs – after all these years – that break my heart because they are no longer allowed to play with friends that….destroy their coat. They hang off their ears. They hang off their heads. They hang off their necks. That would be My Edie Beadie. She loves to let her friends grab her by the hair and pull her around the yard. Every day I promise her it’s only for a brief while her friends can’t chomp on her head, her ears, her neck. Soon, she’ll be able to, once again, join the Girls in the Mud Pit.

Edie has been shown selectively. She has back-to-back Best of Winners wins at Specialties. She’s a beautiful Apso. She is sired by Ian, C’est La Vie’s litter brother. And it shows. She’s built to move. A compact body. With an endearing personality that makes it hard for me – The Cold Hearted Bitch – to separate her from her hair chomping friends. “It’s only for a little while” I tell Edie Beadie.

Last September, upon leaving the show ring under breeder/judge Shery Swanson, she commented, “don’t worry, she’ll grow hair on her head.” Edie sported a Dr. Suess look last fall. Sprigs of hair standing straight up, no matter what product was applied. After all, it’s hard to glue down hair that’s an inch and a half long. It tends to ‘spring’ to the heavens. I knew she could grow hair on her head…if only I kept her away from her girlfriends. :::sigh:::

Friday, the weekend of our big four-day weekend of shows in February, was Edie’s day to shine. She showed like the Super Star I think she is. She showed like a million bucks that day. She was awarded Best in Sweepstakes (an event for dogs 6 months to 18 months) under Tibetan Terrier breeder Andrea Rieman and Best of Winners at the Lhasa Apso Club of Central Colorado’s Specialty under judge Arley Hussin.

I love Edie Beadie. I am grateful Julie allowed Tequila to have one more litter so I could breed Ian.

Carpe Diem!

One Comment on “:My Edie Beadie”

  1. Susan says:

    So, how long does it take for a coat like Edie’s to go from puppy cut to show length?

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