:Got fry bread?

Pow wow is underway and the grand entry of all the tribes, dancing to the drums lead by US military warrior honor guard is one of the most thrilling experiences ever!  And the fry bread is the real “McCoy” made by native hands with a native recipe.  Yum!!  

Want to share 2 special moments during pow wow…the first native vendor I visited was a Zuni from Tuba City, AZ.  She apologized for her booth being kind of disorganized and then said she was recovering from stomach cancer.  She had lost her long black hair to chemo and it was growing back curly and shiny.  Remember the pink feather pin?  She is going to start a support group for native women recovering from cancer through this organization!  She shared that gaining weight has been a struggle and of course, I said I would gladly share some of mine!  She grew very serious and told me to love myself just the way I am and to be happy each and every day, because life is precious.  She is walking the trail of tears with a smile and certainly made my Easter come alive.

Time to color eggs!

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