Today’s the day. Chris – my sister-in-law, not the Chris that has commented on this blog – at this very moment, is undergoing the long preparation for her surgery today. It really is the only option she has. The other is to simply live with the tumor, letting it grow and take over her brain. :::sigh::: Needless to say, things have been a little….unsettled….scattered.

I’ve immersed myself in a series of books which I discovered about two weeks ago. Audio books are one of my pleasures in life. Usually I reserve the books, but once in a while I peruse the shelves, which is exactly how I found The New Year’s Quilt by Jennifer Chiaverini. In a review of one her books, the Library Journal says, “Chiaverini has pieced together a beautiful story…. Women – daughters, sisters and mothers – will enjoy.” I’ve just started my 4th, The Quilter’s Legacy. She develops her characters so that you care about each and every one of them, although it may take some time to understand and appreciate the personality traits of some of the more colorful characters. Woven throughout each book is information on quilting. The diversion, the characters, the concept, Elm Creek Quilters is just what my soul needs right now!

Inspired, I pulled out the pieces of a quilt I made ten years ago in a class titled Colorado Sampler Quilt. I told Rick I want to attend Elm Creek Quilt Camp for a week and get it finished. 🙂 I learned when you make a quilt, you start with a palette of colors. I selected my favorite colors, black and red, along with white and gray for contrast. Mine was definitely the most contemporary in our class. The instructor, especially with several of the blocks, was always curious what I’d come up with. 

 Hayride served as our signature block. Of course, mine included a Lhasa Apso along with my favorite yoga pose, Warrior 2.


Rail Fence


Foundation Piece – Pine Tree
This one was the hardest, because the representation is fairly real. What else could I do but a night sky!


Covered Wagon


Road to Colorado


Cabin Pattern..In the Elm Creek Quilters’ series I learned that, traditionally, the door is red or yellow. Red sybolizes the hearth. I can’t remember what yellow symbolizes. Quilts, hanging on a clothesline, were used as signals along the Underground Railroad. This pattern – or some version of it – with a black door, indicated a safe haven for slaves.


Cripple Creek and Purple Mountain Majesties


 Wild Goose Chase


Bear Paw and Colorado Star


One Comment on “:Saturday”

  1. Susan says:

    Four Gompas here for Chris !!!!

    And I’ve just put The Quilters Apprentice on my request list at the library.

    And, Bones Would Rain from the Sky kept me up long after my usual reading-to-sleep time last night. Thank you all for suggesting it.

    More and more and more heartfelt hope for your Chris !!!!


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