:Apso bath tub..by Katy and Ken

This was made from a plastic “garden stool” and a Sterlite 38 qt plastic box from Walmart (sic). Four 1″ bolts and nuts secured the “tub” to the stool (be careful to drill slowly because the plastic box is very brittle). The sides were cut out using a wood burning tool, since any type of saw will shatter the plastic. Total cost is about $12. We also bought a plastic Rubber Maid stool to sit on in the shower. Ken also drilled some holes in the ends of the box to let out the water so it doesn’t get too heavy. It is very stable, and the apso bath is now less of a back-breaking ordeal.
I draped a plastic shower mat over the bottom to make footing secure.


3 Comments on “:Apso bath tub..by Katy and Ken”

  1. Kathy says:

    Scrub-a-dub-dub! Love the Katy and Ken Apso Tub!!

  2. Faye says:

    That’s really neat for saving space. I use a laundry tub set up in the laundry room plumbed in with hot/cold faucets (they came with the house) and it makes bathing so much easier than bending over the bathtub.

  3. lhasalhady says:

    Over the years, traveling with the show dogs, there’s been many improvisations for bathing. The motor home was so convenient for traveling with the dogs, not to mention one young son. I did have to kneel on the floor to bath dogs in the motor home. That was a younger, less achy body!

    These days, kneeling, leaning over a motel tub hurts the knees and the back. In October 2006 at the National Specialty, Bud loaned us a bath tub. He carries a plastic utility sink, complete with legs that come off (for ease in original packaging). Julie carries a hose and plumbing tools and can transform just about any shower head into a spray hose. We were really uptown with that bathing arrangement! Good thing we had a suite with 2 bathrooms. Otherwise, we would have used the dog hose, I’m sure. Anything for the dogs!

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