:Rose sent..Willis


Willis is a brother to Ginny’s Ethan and Chloe, Christi’s Ruby, Goliath – aka Peanute – and Tango.
Tango will soon be going to New York to live with Rose’s parents. All In The Family! This delights
me! And Ginny, I’m sure.

4 Comments on “:Rose sent..Willis”

  1. Gail says:

    This dog is stunning!..takes my breath away…..so interesting how the coat changes from when he was a pup…..

  2. Susan says:

    Just out of curiosity — and because I have a hard time knowing — how old is Willis???? He sure is handsome !!


  3. lhasalhady says:

    Willis was born November 24, 2006.

  4. Rose Hugel says:

    Susan & Gail – thank you for the compliments on Willis – he also has a “wonderful” personality, thanks to his Mom (Cayenne) and Dad (Seth) & most certainly from all the special attention and love he received from Ginny & Kim during his first 10 weeks at their home. We are looking forward to Tango coming to NY. Watch out, there may be a sudden resurgence of interest in Lhasa’s. Everyone asks about Willis, and soon there will be 2! I think i have met more people in the last year because of Willis than the time ive had my house. Rose

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