:Kathy..pointed out

Photograph by Vincent J. Musi

Photograph by Lynsey Addario

The March 2008 issue of National Geographic has two articles of particular interest, Bhutan. And Inside Animal Minds.
The links will take you to each article on National Geographic’s website.

One Comment on “:Kathy..pointed out”

  1. katy says:

    Thanks, Kathy, for the outstanding poem, the link to the Nat’l Geo articles (the one on animal communication is amazing!), and the Dr. N. Dodman interview. All good stuff.
    Re: the Nat’l Geo article on animal communication:
    We are owned by an eight year old African Grey named Layla,a bird like Alex, and I can attest to their incredible intelligence and self-awareness. People simply roll their eyes in disbelief if and when we tell them of her vocal exploits. She does, indeed, make up sentences, words and communicate her desires very explicitly. And she does so because she was smart enough to learn our language, when we could not learn hers. Don’t our wonderful, intelligent, sentient dogs do the same?
    Thanks, Kathy

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