:The arrival of Genevieve

Nate, now a fine arts major at UCD, with a focus on film and theater, originally was a media arts major at University of Arizona. Several months ago,  having to leave lunch in time for some ‘dog thing’, Nate suggested a reality show about being a dog breeder. Given the events of the past week or so, we’d have plenty of material!  

Not wanting to jinx C’est La Vie’s pregnancy, Julie and I chose to remain quiet about it. She was bred December 24 (the day between Nagpo’s two breedings) and, again, December 26. C’est La Vie’s ultrasound revealed a litter of one. Just like Savion. Singleton puppy litters present several problems, including possible unrestricted growth in the uterus and a possible too late trigger from the puppy to the mother. Labor is created by hormonal signals from the puppies to the dam. Hey! It’s time to greet the world! This signal can be created by one of the puppies, not necessarily all of them. It is not uncommon for singleton puppies to go too long ‘in the oven’. So, as with Savion, C’est La Vie had a scheduled c-section. Today was the day.

Not long ago, Julie mentioned we’ve spent more time (and money) with reproductive veterinarians in the past year than in all our years combined. She’s right! And…given some of the circumstances we’ve been dealing with, I’m glad for their expertise!

Julie put together play-by-play action of The arrival of Genevieve.  Here’s a preview!


2 Comments on “:The arrival of Genevieve”

  1. pauline says:

    on Genevieve—

    such a pretty baby–

    congrats to the proud human parents and of course

    the canine ones too.

    Here we go again–right to the top of the charts
    –so to speak!!!!

    Will be waiting for more pics as she grows into her own

  2. shelley says:

    Congratulations…she looks absolutely gorgeous!

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