:Whoops..and then there were 3!

Well…it seemed she was done. She was content. I couldn’t feel another puppy in the wings, waiting for the right moment to come into this world. Or I wouldn’t have gone to work!

Rick phoned me yesterday, about 11:30AM. He and David had come to the house from the workshop to have lunch. Rick noticed Nagpo’s bed was pushed almost outside her crate. She and the puppies are in the bottom half of an airline crate, within a 2 x 3 puppy playpen. The playpen is lined with newspaper, covered by a large fleece pad. The entire playpen has a curtain pinned around it, creating a secure den for mother and puppies. It also keeps a certain nosey Labrador from poking his nose where it isn’t wanted. Anyway, Rick wanted to put her bedding back in the crate. He removed two puppies and started adjusting the bedding. David asked if he was going to remove the other puppy. Other puppy? Sure enough!

The final count is 3. Two females and one male. All are thriving. Nagpo is a calm, nurturing mother.

You may recall that Keeper is the sire of this litter. Several months ago I wrote in detail about the decision to introduce Keeper. If you missed that post, search the word Keeper, using the search box in the upper left hand column of the blog. It’s the post titled Very disappointing news about Ranpa. The Gompas are all named with Tibetan names. Nagpo, for instance, means black in Tibetan. I thought for this historic litter, something similar – yet different – would be appropriate. I mentioned it to Shirley Clark (one day soon I’ll blog about Shirley!) over the weekend. Shirley always has great names for her dogs. She also has been supportive of the work with the Gompa dogs. The next day, when I arrived in the grooming area, she said, “Whispers of the past…from the past. Past and Presence.” Yes! That’s the concept! Later, literally as Lhasa Apsos were being judged; her and me going in and out of the ring with the various dogs we were exhibiting, she swoops up to me. “Echoes of the Past.”

The girls are Whisper and Echo. I’d like something similar for the boy. Maybe there’s the perfect word…paying tribute to Keeper (Kai-La-Sha Keepsake is his registered name.) Ideas anyone?

9 Comments on “:Whoops..and then there were 3!”

  1. Kathy says:

    Faith—Keep the Faith

  2. Kathy says:

    Better yet…
    Whisper Echoes of Faith

  3. Julie says:

    “Guardian of the Past”
    Call name Michael, Michael is the Arch “Guardian” Angel

    Or otherwise “Keeper to the Past”
    which is exactly what you did! Call Name —

  4. Susan says:

    What about Rumble for the boy….you know: those rumblings that go on deep inside us that make us pay attention to truths that have not yet surfaced….?

    My 2 cents, and yet another heartfelt congratulation. The more the merrier.


  5. katy says:

    Here’s my two cents:
    He represents the hopes and dreams for the future of this breeding program, therefore, Keepsake’s Hopes and Dreams, call name Dreamer.

  6. katy says:

    Ken came up with this thought:
    Skyob Pa Po (guardian) and call him Sky

  7. Chris Geiser says:

    Welcome to the puppies and happiness to all!!

  8. Susan says:

    When do we get to see them?????

  9. Kelly says:

    A huge congrat’s to Nagpo, Keeper and of course you Debby!!

    Humm perfect word for paying tribute to Keeper.
    I’m having troubles finding a word to mix with the girls name and wanting to keep the tribute to Keeper. I came up with a few so here it goes.

    “Reflection of the Past” call name Ying or Ying Zi
    which means reflection.

    “Keeper of the Past” call name guan Li Ren which means Keeper. Or Si Ku which is keeper of treasury vaults.

    “Future of the Past” call name Hou Shi which means future generations. I thought that was neat.

    The only word that came to my mind when trying to mix with the girls name was chime. “Chime into the Past. Or “Chime into the Future. Call name Tuo Zhong which means chime.

    Hope all is going well!!

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