:Edwina sent..a Bella update


Just thought that I would up-date some pictures of Bella.She seems to get lighter as she gets clipped around her face, more towards her Mom I think.

She is going on ten months and everything we have read about Lhasas fits her to a T. She just has to have something to chew on and can entertain herself quite well. I haven’t figured it out yet but she loves the snow and is forever going after ice chunks, this also includes sticks,etc. I keep telling her that she is a Lhasa Apso and not a beaver.

She isn’t very fond of going in the car tho. Not since she was spayed. I think she associates the car with a bad time and  we say lets go or put our jackets on she heads for her kennel and ‘ here she stays. I have taken her but she shakes til we get out on the highway and  settles down.

We be came the grandparents of twin baby boys last October and she is so good with them. She probably would have made a good Mother. If the babies cry she is very concerned and runs to get help. When they are in their bouncie seats she goes from one to the other to check on them. When she first saw them we sat on the floor, let her smell them and since then she has been great.

She is and continues to be a joy to have around. How are her sisters doing???

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