Julie on..letters..and dogs.

Now here are the kind of letters you like to receive!!! Being an Edmund sibling, it is easy to believe how wonderful he turned out.
Subject: Our Lhasa
Date: Sat, 19 Jan 2008 18:24:05 +0000
Hi Julie, I never look at our precious Toby without thinking about you. Somehow or other I misplaced your e-mail and stumbled upon it by accident. I am sure you probably don’t offhand remember us. We purchased Toby about 4 years ago at Christmas time. You also had Vienna for sale.
   I cannot even begin to tell you what an awesome dog he is. He loves the world and all who are in it. Not only is he a very adorable dog to look at, but every one who meets him threatens to steal him when we are not looking. I was reluctant to have a male Lhasa as we also have a male Golden. Toby is our 4th Lhasa but our first male. He will not be our last male. He is incredibly affectionate and when picked up will immediately nestle into our necks and cuddle . He is not wary of children but instead looks forward to the grandchildren’s visits. Our vet who says he has had many reasons to be cautious of the breed keeps asking what we do to have such great Lhasas.
  I will admit our females have been a bit more snobby but this guy is straight out of a Disney movie. I do believe it is thanks in a great part to your wonderful breeding practices. He was actually potty trained in a little over a weeks time. His coat has been by far the easiest to maintain. We have never shaved him down but keep him about puppy length.
  I sound like a proud parent and I am. He is so careful about showing favoritism between my husband and myself it is comical. Just want you to know how much one of your precious puppies is loved and I am so sorry it has taken this long to tell you.
Toby’s loving family, Tom and Randi Carlson

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