Musings, reflections upon entering this New Year

This first week of the New Year, as things settle back down to a dull roar, I’ve taken a bit of time to reflect upon the past year, plan the upcoming year which includes some goal setting, fill in that great organization tool Vickie introduced – and prepared … The Daytimer! Given this, even more thoughts than usual are bouncing around the cerebral circus that is my brain. And now, as the weekend winds down, sitting here with my drink on my favorite coaster.. 


 I’m left feeling like I’ve let people down. I so appreciate the updates, the photos, the feedback. I want to respond individually to each and every one of you. And as the sun sinks down over the mountain, I haven’t even managed a blog entry!

Over the holiday season, some of you sent updates and photos. It’s delightful to know that, with one exception, all dogs and puppies have settled into their new families.

Seth (Samson) continues to lounge around, helping Caroline with bed making…


 Seth’s son, Roadie, and Alma are doing good (except a little glitch from Alma’s arthritis). Hey, Alma! Next time Roadie is groomed, can you get a photo of you and Roadie together? I’d love to see how long his hair is now.

Rose sent this photo of Willis, another Seth son..


Hey Rose! Ginny and I would love for you to come to Colorado and spend ‘a little more time’! 🙂

Today, someone came up to Julie while she was grooming at the dog show and told her our website was one of the best ones out there. This boosted my spirits. I always have things I want to add…like getting the Galleries completed…building out an online database for our dogs…revamping the intro page…updating/rewriting the chapter pages…making information on available puppies and dogs readily accessible… Wanting to do all this, I’m rarely focused on what’s already there.

Katy…she’s done a beautiful painting of Sadie, taken from the blog header. You can see it: I look forward to more of Katy’s paintings in, this, her Year of the Dog on her painting blog. Please do let us know Katy, whenever you add something to your critter advocacy site. 

Toshimi send this wonderful photo…


Roman, Taz and Mary sent this…


Faye, how are Dizzy and Sonam’s puppies?

I know I’m missing something other than my mind. Please forgive me!

Ah ha! Here right in front of me…the other things I wanted to share!

Melissa’s manuscript…Golden Girl. Melissa, along with her husband Kevin, are friends of Rick and mine. She is penning a book targeted for kids 9 -14, about Golden Retrievers. I’m honored she’s chosen me to read her manuscript, along with being able to mark it up.

Last, but far from least…Kathy. My friend Kathy. She delights me with the things she shares, from a yule log wrapped in a red bow to introducing me to Angela Cartwright’s altered art imagery. And poetry. The latest is titled Old Dogs, Children and Watermelon Wine by Tom T. Hall. Kathy, the other day upon seeing something, I thought of brief descriptive poet words, rather than my usual too long sentences. 

Thank you all for sharing bits and pieces of you and your lives. The common element between all of us is a love for this ancient breed. To take the subject title from a recent post Vickie sent me…the canine…enriching our lives on all levels!

2 Comments on “Musings, reflections upon entering this New Year”

  1. Faye says:

    The puppies are fantastic!!! At 8 weeks old I can’t make up my mind so they will all be staying for a while yet (much to Darren’s chagrin). I need to get some pictures of them stacked and sent to you and Julie. Their attitudes are fantastic – not very chary of strangers though – very demanding of attention and all very much look at me personalities.

    I need to check with Julie on her schedule in the next little while or so. MaryBeth can’t fly due to her sinuses but has said she could meet me in Minneapolis so maybe Julie and I can work something out.

    Sonam has managed to break off most of his side coat – it has really dried out this fall/winter and even extra conditioning doesn’t seem to be helping it a whole lot. I have been misting him with a combination of an Aveda leave in condiotioner and water and it seems to have helped a bit but we’ll see……

    And you should see him with the puppies – he is such a dear – very tolerant and gentle – let’s them walk all over him and heads for the couch when he’s had enough but never a growl or any sign of aggression to wards them. Polar opposite of Robbie who thinks that the puppies should be a dinner snack.

    talk to you soon


  2. rose says:

    I’d love to come out to CO too! Its always been one of my most favorite places, which is why i was glad to get a piece of it with my litle mountain boy! Hopefully, work will slow down soon and maybe i can make a little trip. Not sure if Willis will make it; he is just starting to get better in the car. We now make it with no throw ups but you can sense his nervousness. Anyways, seeing Seth (“Its 5o’clock somewhere” — and nap time!) nice and comfy on the bed, i can tell you its 1 trait willis has too. anyways, love keeping up with the extended family through your website. it’s great. rose

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