Let it snow!

Sitting in the library at my computer, looking out the window, the snow is, once again, gently falling. It has indeed been a White Christmas. The hustle and bustle of the season is over for me, although I am working a few odd days…much to my relief actually. It feels good to return to ‘normal’, if my usual hectic life can be called that.

Nate started his road trip this morning, taking Sleek Sue to Tucson. No, she’s not a girlfriend! She’s the Road Trippin’ car I purchased almost two years ago. Suzanne remains home with me, decked out in snow aggressive tires, 10 dog crates, ready for a cruise to the grooming shop later this morning. Formerly the Road Trippin’ car, Suzanne became my work car after she turned 200,000 miles. Ah! My favorite! I love old cars. Comfortable Cars with history. Cars with character. Cars I don’t have to keep clean for the rest of the family.

Like dog names, my cars are named with a theme. A Subaru theme. Suzy was my first Subaru, my first 4-wheel drive of my very own. Prior to Suzy, I refused to part with my beloved front-wheel drive Volvo station wagons. Not having a 4-wheel drive always at my finger tips can be a bit of a problem where I live! So, along came Suzy. She was a brown 1981 hatchback with a price tag of $600 that I drove for four winters. And I do mean I drove her. Rick refused to be seen in Suzy, that’s just how ‘comfortable’ she was. He said he’d need either a brown paper bag or a fake nose and glasses if he were driving Suzy.

How this post warp from my original intention of posting photos of Ella in snow to reminiscing about cars? Ah. Well. So be it!

Melissa sent some great photos of Ella, a Sadie/Damon daughter, playing in the snow.




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