Kathy’s wee fire…

More excitement than I care to experience…last night we had 
finished supper, loaded the dishwasher, stove was completely turned 
off–no burners on/etc. and I had wiped off the range.  As Joe was 
drying the stove with a dishtowel…WHOOOOOSH!  A loud popping and whirring sound came from the stove, then flames leaped up from the oven door and stovetop grill.  A nasty acrid smell filled the room 
and quick acting Joe was out the backdoor cutting the power off to 
the range.

Our stove is well over 20 years old and it appears to have blown a 
circuit or interior mechanism so off to Sears for big appliance 
shopping this morning.  Not my idea of Christmas fun, but thank God, 
because Joe acted fast, we didn’t have a major disaster on our 
hands.  I am meal planning around our crockpot, microwave, gas grill 
and camp stove!!  It could be after the holidays before hook up.  
Let’s see, I recall apt. sharing with girlfriends and we used to 
grill a mean cheese sandwich using foil and a steam iron….if I can 
even locate my iron…

Since the wee fire destroying the stove, we have improvised!!  Notice I am dressed in layers to keep warm!! Dinner is served on the patio, complete with lantern light and 3 smiling dogs!!


The new stove arrived yesterday and I am back in business–note Pete checking it out! 


I have “customers” waiting for Kathy’s Bones from Heaven Bakery to 
open!!  The 3 amigos have been begging for some home cookin’ on the 
new stove!!


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