A Good Dog


I spent a good portion of today doing ‘mindless’ entries on the web site. A pile, a tall pile, has been sitting near my computer, waiting to be shared for months upon months. Stuff. All kinds of stuff. Interesting stuff. Heartwarming stuff. Informational stuff. Stuff I want to share. Stuff I want to catalog for future use. It’s not mindless stuff. It’s important – at least to me – stuff. The ‘mindless’ part simply describes what it takes to get it on the web site. No creativity involved. Simple data entry, so to speak. I did’t feel creative today, so data entry it was.

You’ll be able to find some of the stuff, some of the articles if you peruse the web site looking for new stuff. This, however, needs to be brought to your attention. This book. This book about A Good Dog. A Good Dog owned by Jon Katz. I loved this book. I devoured this book. Not being able to find words to describe this book, I’m stealing the words of a reviewer: “ A Good Dog is a book to savor. Just as Orson was the author’s lifetime dog, his story is a lifetime treasure–poignant, timeless, and powerful.”

It’s a book about commitment. It’s a book about love. It’s a book about being able to make the right choice, an extremely difficult choice. It’s a true story. Read it and weep.

One Comment on “A Good Dog”

  1. Kathy says:

    Coming soon: The movie featuring the Orson and Jon Katz story, from the book, A Dog Year…Jeff Bridges plays Katz…should be terrific.

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