Thanksgiving day



Very early this morning, as I heard the clock chime 3AM, then 4AM, 5AM and finally 6AM, thoughts kept my mind entertained. Sleep came in bits and pieces, bizarre dreams. I finally gave up the sleep quest when I awoke with a start, awoke with little comprehension of where I actually was. Whew! Was I relieved to find myself in bed! In my dream, I was at a dog show, somewhere in eastern Nebraska, with lots of Lhasa Apso people. Not necessarily show exhibitors, although Melissa was there. I looked at my watch, in the midst of enjoying the dogs, the day, the company and the food to discover it was 4:30PM on Thanksgiving day. Two thoughts came to mind immediately. Rick wasn’t going to be very happy that I lost track of time. And, how was I going to eat Thanksgiving dinner after all the food I’d just eaten.

My most memorable Thanksgiving turkey was the one being roasted in the oven above. I have eaten many, many Thanksgiving dinners in that kitchen. My grandmother cooked in that kitchen. My mother cooked in that kitchen. Now the kitchen belonged to my sister Lori. Mom had been dead for 2 years, grandma much longer. The house, a farmhouse, sat empty for nearly 2 years after mom died. None of us willing to let go, none of us willing to move in.

In previous years Ron and Lori had actively looked for a farmhouse to renovate, even to the point of having contracts on two different places. For one reason or another, those deals fell through. One day, while visiting our farmhouse, Lori was overcome with sadness at how lonely it felt. It was then she realized the house was hers. I could have told her that right after mom died. But, being the oldest sister, I tread carefully with my words of advice. 🙂

After doing some very major work, including plumbing, electrical and an addition that looks like it was there since the house was built in 1880, the first room they renovated was the kitchen. Rick had been in Norfolk building new cabinets for Lori’s kitchen, using the workshop of a local cabinetmaker. On Thanksgiving day, work on the kitchen continued. Right in the midst of the construction dust and hubbub sat the stove, with a turkey cooking!

One day I’ll do a composite of the farmhouse, sharing with all of you it’s beauty. Ron and Lori kept true to the farmhouse spirit. It’s nice to go back to my hometown, back to a house I’ve known since I was a little girl, and see it being loved and lived in.

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