The Zeke and Sadie Show!

Friday afternoon I met Katy and Ken in a dog park on the north end of Colorado Springs for the Sadie Passoff. I picked her up the previous week when Julie and I met in Lincoln. Here’s some photos, along with Katy’s update:

Hi Ladies!

I think we have a match!

We made home safe and sound around 9PM last night.  Sadie spent her time traveling quietly in her crate, chewing on the meaty rib bone I brought for her.  We made two stops and she did her job both times, then ate her supper.

It’s been non-stop play for them both, without a cross word between them.  Zeke’s tongue is hangin’ out; you’d think they’d take a break!  He is very respectful and seems almost in awe.

She is a very confident little lady and I foresee no problems at all.  She eagerly “goes outside” to do her jobs, so all I have to do is keep on task to have her housetrained in short order.  Goats, parrots and chickens are now a part of her life with curiosity all around. She shows no fear nor animosity, true to Apso form. 

She ate well this morning. Got her first taste of fresh goat milk, ate a few bites of smashed chicken neck, some Primal meatloaf and some of her kibble.  They even ate from each other’s bowls at the same time.

 Zeke is trying to teach her to use the doggie door; she’ll have it before the day’s out.

Here’s some photos in the blackberry patch and the garden.






Thank you so much, Debby, for bringing her to the Springs for us.  We enjoyed our time with you, brief again.

Julie, she’s a sweet, confident little champ and she’s going to do just fine.  Zeke is truly smitten.

And Kathy, thanks for your prayers for a friendship and harmony. Our prayers are answered!

Blessings and Joy to each of you!

Katy, Ken, Zeke and Sadie

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