The Downside of Inbreeding

C.A. Sharp, the author of this piece Vickie shared with me and numerous other great articles, participated on Dr. John Armstrong’s genetics list. She starts this article with a quote from Hellmuth Wachtel Ph.D., another participant on that most excellent list (which has been defunct basically since the death of Dr. Armstrong). Hellmuth, a zoologist, not a dog breeder, is quite radical in his views. However, he, along with several other participants with ‘out-of-the-box’ views, are the people that indirectly gave me the courage to take on the Gompa dog project. C.A. is self-taught, extremely intelligent, has co-authored some scientific pieces with researchers and breeds Australian Shepherds. She is generous with sharing her many excellent articles. You can find read more of her articles, along with other articles along similar lines on the Genetics page of the FFT website.

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