Circus Dog

Okay…I now realize a daily update, a daily post, is probably not going to happen. Life gets in the way! A good thing, I suppose. 🙂

Since Nate started college, I’ve tried several times to take a course ‘along with him’. He’d suggest a class I might be interested in. I’d either get the books through the library or order them myself. When he was attending University of Arizona, his major was media arts with a minor in religion (a rather interesting choice considering his upbringing!). Philosophy plays huge in a religion minor and Nate loves philosophy…probably because it’s more inactive, with lots of talk and no concrete right and wrong answers. While it sounded fun to me, after several attempts at several different philosophy classes, including The Philosophy of Science, I gave up.

Now that Nate’s back in Denver completing his degree at University of Colorado at Denver, his courses are focused on art. This semester he’s taking an Introduction to Digital Photography. The focus is in the ‘darkroom’, which is PhotoShop. A self-taught-bumbler-around-PhotoShop user, I immediately purchased the textbooks. I’m immersed in learning, including how to use the many fine features of my own digital camera. It can do a lot more than point and shoot!

The actual class is 6 hours every Friday with much of that time spent in the media lab. Nate came up several Sundays ago and went over what they’d learned, along with an upcoming assignment called Scanograms. They’re done completely on the computer. Various objects are scanned and then manipulated in PhotoShop. Nate is doing a series titled Deconstructive Consumerism. Mine is about dogs….imagine that.

Here’s Circus Dog.


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