Darby emailed the following:

This product was purchased at last year’s Eucanuba Show in Long Beach Ca. by a friend of mine.  She is a breeder judge and hound judge.  She has used the product for almost a year now, and says, ‘in her opinion, it works’.  She has IGs.  Seems that some of this breed is prone to early tarter and gum disease.  She showed me how a very light gold cover may show up on the back teeth.  She then took her finger, and simply rubbed the cover off the tooth.  I was impressed, as I am facing a second loan on my house to have 3 of my dogs teeth cleaned.  Kidding, but it is not going to be inexpensive.

Read the info and see if this could be of interest to you.

Is anyone familiar with this product?

One Comment on “PlaqueOff”

  1. Faye says:


    It has been raved about on several of the Canadian Showdogs Lists as well as a couple of US ones all with positive results.

    I had been using the PetzLife spray on Roxy but it is extremely bitter (like grapefruit) and she hates it – it takes 2 of us to get it in her mouth.

    I am going to try the Plaque Off and see how it works. Will let everybody know.

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