Yak and more yaks

Had to share this neck scarf, made from yak and merino wool – Superyak by Karabella yarns. Kathy knitted it, complete with a pawprint button. When she gave it to me, it was nestled inside a piece of paper, made from a photo of yaks taken just outside Lakewood, Colorado.

8 Comments on “Yak and more yaks”

  1. lhasalhady says:

    Kathy, if possible, please send the photo. I’ll add it…so there’s, indeed, more yaks. šŸ™‚

  2. lhasalhady says:

    Here’s what Kathy had to say:
    The ranch is on Quincy and Wadsworth…just south of the Sisters of Loretto Spiritual Center.
    Turn East onto Quincy and then north onto Pierce Street. The yaks are quite close to the fenceline unless it’s feeding time!

  3. Gail Duboe says:

    Kathy: What is the color of this wool? Do you have the kind of time if someone (like me) asked you to knit me the same scarf, would you be able to do it? and if that is so, how much would it be for the wool and your time? (and a button)???? Let me know…Thanks. Gail

  4. lhasalhady says:

    Vickie sent the following…

    Wednesday, September 26, 2007
    People in my neighborhood
    Leh, Ladakh

    Well, I finally saw a yak. A great big beautiful black and white yak – or maybe a Dri (female yak). It had no horns; perhaps that is a trait of a Dri. It’s absolutely huge, like a shaggy black-and-white tank, and is placidly grazing on the newly-harvested field down the lane from my guest house.

    Read the rest…

  5. sirensongs says:

    Tuchide and Jullay for the link, LhasaLhady!

  6. lhasalhady says:

    I learn something new about the capabilities of a blog almost every week. Sorta stumble upon them, or they’re dropped in my lap. The author of Yakz-N-the-Hood is sirensongs. As you can see in the above comment, she thanked me for the link. Notice her avatar. That’s the little box in the left hand column. I think her photo is suppose to show, rather than 48 x 48. If you click her photo, you’ll go right to her blog! I wonder if I click my avatar, where I’ll go…

  7. lhasalhady says:

    Holy Smokes! I go to my website. All these blogs must communicate with each other and our avatars and websites come up because we’re registered with a blog service. There’s additional things this blog is capable of, including tagging. As I’ve mentioned before, I’d like to figure out each of us can have an avatar..just for fun.

    Another feature I may have mentioned, but will again, is the search button. Search on a particular word or words – like fermented vegetables – and it will display only posts with those words.

  8. Mr. Outdoors says:

    That merino wool rocks. That’s a great scarf. Awesome piece of clothing!

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