A blast from the past

In preparation for an upcoming article on ring presenation, I dug out this old article, published in a 1987 edition of Lhasas Unlimited. I had to laugh at parts of it! Here’s one of the ads accompanying the article.

Read the article

2 Comments on “A blast from the past”

  1. Gail Duboe says:

    Your face hasn’t changed….still angelic…Is that Mary S. who was a rescuer a long time ago..??? I have to meet her sometime…

  2. Sondra Rogers says:

    Wow! That photo was 20 years ago–sometimes those days seem like yesterday and other days it was a whole different lifetime ago. Thank you once again, Debby, for finishing Delilah! Our last lhasa, Razor, a gift from you to Harry on his 10th birthday, is still going strong at 8.

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