Anal Glands and yellow foam

Alma commented, “One more thing,  when I had J-Block the groomer would always say she emptied the sack in the back.  What is that,  is that something to be done or because Rhoadie is neutered, that is not necessay?   This  groomer says nothing about that.” And, “Roadie  is not eating as much, I think his stomach was a little upset yesterday as he brought up the yellow foam, and his  bowels were a little loose.   I saw him also scoot on the floor like he was itching back there.”

Read more about anal glands, including a description on how to express them yourself. Roadie being neutered wouldn’t affect his anal glands. There are different opinions among groomers (and veterinarians) regarding routine expression of anal glands. I always express anal glands when bathing a dog. Carol, my fellow groomer, only expresses anal glands if asked. Since Roadie is scooting, ask your groomer to express the glands each time he’s bathed.

It is not uncommon for dogs to throw up yellow foam. I don’t worry when my dogs do this. When I cared for Vickie’s Dante last summer while she and Alan went on vacation, she sent along milkbone style treats with instructions to give him one a couple of times a day ‘to keep away the yellow foamies.’ Maybe she can comment about that.

3 Comments on “Anal Glands and yellow foam”

  1. Vickie says:

    Regarding the yellow foamies: It’s been my experience that dogs whose tummies are empty for longer periods of time are more prone to throwing up the yellow stomach bile. Because of this, I feed twice a day (am/pm) and they get three or so potty treats … one mid morning, one in the afternoon and a bedtime treat. I use the biscuit-type treats as they have a little more substance. I’ve also found that using a baby wipe to clean the face/chin helps after an episode works well to minimize the smell until a proper bath can be had.

    I’m also very particular about the treats themselves, using only those with no preservatives, wheat or corn. With the cooler weather and more time on my hands, I’ll be baking my own treats again using oat flour. It’s rather amusing to watch the dogs race to the oven when the timer goes off! Didn’t take them long to figure that one out lolol.

  2. I found your info very helpful. I am feeding Roadie now in the morning and evening. I don’t think I was giving him enough once a day. If he leaves it I take it up and put it back down in the evening. and let him potty before I go to bed.
    How do you make the oak flour treats?? Where do you get Oak Flour?I am going to check with the groomer about the glands.


  3. Vickie says:

    I use “oat” flour for my treats, not oak . Originally, I purchased oat flour at the grocery store but when I started making bigger batches, I found a place in Utah will ship 50# for around $50 (including shipping). Fresh ground, it smells wonderful!! Here’s where I get the flour: (look under “Oat products”).

    I have some really good treat recipes if anyone is interested. Basically they are flour, a little oil, and natural flavorings (peanut butter, chicken broth, etc.). Make a dough, roll it out, cut out the treats with cookie cutters and bake.

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