Amusing encounter

Two of the Gompa dogs live with Gigi. She recently sent the following:

My daughter Whitney, who moved to Portland from Ohio a few months ago, and I were in Dundee, OR, doing the winery circuit, and we stopped at the Dundee Cafe for lunch.  We had the boys with us at an outdoor table and of course everyone was saying “How Cute.” 

A couple came up and asked about the dogs, and I said they were Tibetan Apsos, similar to Lhasas, but a bit different, which I find easier than saying Gompas because people go “Huh?”.  And the husband was looking a bit askance, and asked where they came from.  I said one had come from a Buddhist retreat in Virginia, and the other from a breeder in Colorado.  So the wife says “Debby Rothman?”  

They are Jan and Larry Bruton, who have Lhasas from you but no Gompas.  *Very* small world!

Small world, indeed! Slight correction, Jan and Larry have Lhasas, but not from me. Jan judged the breed recently in MN and is currently secretary of the American Lhasa Apso Club. Larry is former president of ALAC.

One Comment on “Amusing encounter”

  1. Vickie says:

    Actually, the Gompas *are* Lhasa Apsos. While the word “Gompa” is used to differentiate the origin or “line” (much like FleetFire, Timbers or Hamilton), they are still Lhasa Apsos … not “similar.” There is a reason why the program is called Gompa “Lhasa Apso” Preservation Program & Trust.

    When people say “huh” at the term “Gompa,” this is a great opportunity to share with them the Program’s mission and why this unique gene pool is being preserved using small population genetic management protocols.

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