Seth – aka Samson – update

Received this post this week. Samson – aka Seth – is formally known as Champion FFT It’s Five O’clock Somewhere. He’s been in his forever home since last Christmas.

 This is just an update on Samson’s life with the Fraser’s.  
 He is a wonderful, happy, playful dog and we are so happy he has come into our home.  We have been in Ohio since late May and he has been introduced to a different lifestyle from his life in Florida.  We live in an area where he must be walked on a leash but in our own yard he follows me around as I inspect the garden.  He is quite interested in our neighbors next door and I have found him several times “window-peeking” in their kitchen door!  When I walk him in the afternoon he greets a few other dogs he has met and is particularly interested in Bender, a yellow Lab who is owned by my friend Mary, also known as the “Cookie Lady” who always has tiny dog biscuits in her pocket.

    Sam retires in the evening at the end our bed (he’s spoiled rotten!) but before he settles down he rearranges the blankets to his specifications which entails lots of pulling, scratching and turnarounds.  He remains there until he decides it is time to wake up and then of course WE must wake up also.  I’m not always in agreement but he is so adorable that I can’t stop smiling at him and finally give in.

    We will be returning to Florida in about a month to get away from the gloomy, cold Ohio weather.  Our Colorado son, Don Fraser, and our grandson,  Michael, will be joining us for Christmas so we are looking forward to that.

    Hoping that everything is going well at your kennel and that you are well also,

Your grateful new mother of Samson,


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