Pretty, pretty from Pauline


Pauline lives in Michigan and is a fellow breeder/exhibitor. She does handwork to keep her fingers nibble. (Nibble enough to groom all that Apso hair?) Last year she donated several crate mats, offered as trophies, to the Lhasa Apso Club of Central Colorado. They were coral and turquoise, common Tibetan colors. She embroidered the club’s initials on each mat. This year she presented me with this pretty doilie, again in Tibetan colors. The scan doesn’t show the intricate edge, but until I hone my camera skills, it shows the rest of details better than a photo.

I met Pauline several years ago, when in Minnesota attending shows. I have a post, in rough edit, for the blog introducing Pauline, which I’ll post soon.

Pauline, can you send me some photos of your dogs either snail mail or email? Did you figure out how to ‘comment’ on the blog? I may have had something turned off – or on – on the administrative end when you attempted to comment on a Fernando post.

2 Comments on “Pretty, pretty from Pauline”

  1. pauline says:


    It was great seeing you in Mn last month. Glad you liked the little doily. I would be glad to send pics of the dogs–do you want champion pics only or as they are now or both? I am so blessed to know Julie and am so happy for Kaylee. Things should be getting better now that husband is employed again but he -being new to this job–cannot take off time to go to shows so I am stuck here growing coat and making doilies!!!!! If julie ever sends me her color swatches I can get busy on her afghan. The puppy we discussed last month is so much better –would never know he was sick. I was planning on the nationals but will have to wait until next year. Congrats on your wins in Mn. Still have the five puppies here-age three and a half months. Hope they sell soon!!!!


  2. lhasalhady says:

    I won’t be at Nationals either. My 30th wedding anniversary is October 22. Often, I’ve been at dog shows on that day, but this one, somehow, seems special. 🙂 We’re going to take the train – complete with a sleeper – to Reno. From there, in a rental car, we’ll explore Lake Tahoe, Yosemite National Park and possibly Mammoth.

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