Debby on…just for fun.

In April 2006 Rick and I, along with Rick’s sister Chris and her husband Herman, took a long weekend trip to San Francisco and spent a day in wine country. Kaz’s very small vineyard was recommended to us by one of the big vineyards. I ended up joining his wine club. This tasty treat was in the last shipment I received. Hey, Kathy, notice the name of the wine…Deevah! I’ll have to share Diva Deva on the blog!

Family Owned and Run
Winemaker/Owner Richard Kasmier, a.k.a. Kaz, is the only full-time employee of himself. He’s supported by his lovely-artistic-creative wife, Sandi, and their two kids, Ryan and Kristin. The Kaz family creates all of their own labels, ads and even this website. Our humble winery/tasting room, in Kenwood, is typically staffed by one of the Kaz’s.

Deevah (pronounced as diva) is a beguiling, unusual blend Syrah and Barbera. What else would you expect form Kaz?She has an intense upfront blast of fruit that relaxes with layers of subtle tannins, spices and oak.
Pairing Suggestions:
Just about any lamb dish, thick stew, or herby grilled vegetables will match up.
Percentages = 67% Syrah from Kaz and 33% Barbera from                             St. Olof Vineyards
Barrels Produced = 3
Alcohol = 13.4%
Grapes from: Sonoma County
Label by – Ryan Kaz

Visit Kaz.

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