Mom…on Kaylee’s accomplishment

What is a Register of Merit Breeder (ROM)?  Every breed has different guideline and numbers, but basically it is being the “listed” breeder with the AKC on a dog that obtains its championship. The American Lhasa Apso Club requires you to be the listed breeder, on 10 champions to earn the ROM status.  It is an awesome accomplishment and shows you have knowledge of the breed.

I am a bad mom, and not because I never recorded when my kids got their first tooth, or took their first step, or said their first word. No! I forgot to keep record of something really important. After our big weekend at the Minnesota Specialties, we all figured that Kaylee was now a Register Of Merit Breeder, because she was breeder on 2 of the dogs which earned their Championship last weekend.  After I got home from the show on Sunday I sat down and made a list of the dogs that Kaylee was a breeder on. (I was going to surprise her when she got home from work.) It came to a surprise to me that Kaylee earned the status of Register of Merit Breeder on June 22nd of this year!!!  Kaylee is not only a breeder of, but also a co-owner of:

1. Ch. Timbers’ She Tsabo Shot O’Tequila ROM
2. Ch. Timbers’ She Tsabo Tequila Rose
3. Ch. FFT. Fernando
4. Ch. FFT All Said N’ Done
5. Ch. She Tsabo Magic Man
6. Ch. FFT Veni Vidi Vici
7. Ch. FFT C’est la Vie
8. Ch. FFT Que Sais-Je
9. Ch. FFT Sine Qua Non
10. Ch. She Tsabo Timbers’ Magic In Th’ Air (finished 6-22-07)

We now add to that impressive list:

11. Ch. FFT Do U Wanna Dance
12. Ch.FFT Kisses of Fire

I’m not sure how we verify that she is the youngest ROM breeder of Lhasa Apso (at the ripe old age of 20) but possible the youngest ROM breeder of any breed.

Kaylee has paid her dues not only in the show ring – she has shown at one time or another 9 of the first 10 champions and C’est  La Vie and Veni Vidi Vice were also her Junior Showmanship dogs – but she has whelped, groomed, fed and picked up as much poop as any seasoned breeder. Anyone who knows Kaylee, would tell you she truly knows the breed from heritage, to structure, to understanding their temperament.  FFT is proud to have her as part of our team, and hope she continues in Lhasas in the future-the breed will benefit from her knowledge.

2 Comments on “Mom…on Kaylee’s accomplishment”

  1. it was a pleasure to meet Kaylee at the specialty…she is very humble for one being so accomplished! Congratulations!

  2. lhasalhady says:

    Shelley, it was nice to meet you, even though I was in the ‘mind mode’ of a dog show. I tune out everything before going in the ring, focusing only on the dogs. Then, it was so hectic right after the judging. I look forward to seeing you again and actually being able to have a conversation! Iris is a pretty puppy. You should have fun with her in the ring. If you have any current photos, please send them to me and I’ll upload them so everyone can see how pretty she is.

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