Champion FFT Kisses of Fire…and more…


As I’ve mentioned before, my intent is to post something new everyday. Given the road trip, four days of dogs shows, making up lost days of work…well, I apologize! This Labor Day weekend I plan on putzing around, finish painting the kennel door trim, reading, spending time with family and playing with the website without a particular goal in mind. You’ll probably find more dibs and dabs of blog entries, keeping you up to date with changes on the website.

Here’s one more photo of Dante. In the Galleries, he’s been moved from the Rising Stars Gallery to the Champions Gallery. His page reflects his latest adventures; his pedigree reflects his new title.

2 Comments on “Champion FFT Kisses of Fire…and more…”

  1. Gail Duboe says:

    I won’t even mention how adorable Dante is…but Vicki!!!!!!!!!!!!! your plants love you…The yard is just beautiful…Wait a minute, how do you manage that with foster dogs and your own dogs??????? Gail

  2. Vickie says:

    Most everything is low maintenance, Gail … we do a fall or spring clean up and nature takes over the rest. The dogs love to “garden” as well — following us around, checking this/that out, barking at the squirrels, eating lettuce out of the vegetable garden.

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