Green tripe

Chris sent the following, along with this article:

A local holistic pet store, Pawsitive Karma carries “Green Tripe.”  This article is on the Green Tripe website. They report more robust litters, improved health, resistance to fleas, etc.  They say green tripe has been used in Europe for years, especially by oldtime breeders. 


So, after reading ‘this article’, I did a little investigating. One of the products I feed is Oma’s Pride, especially their meatloafs. I belong to co-op and The Leader of Our Pack places an order monthly. Besides my usual order, I experiment and add something new or unusual to my order. A while back it was Performance Dog. My dogs loved it, but it smelled like something dead!! Guess what? It contains tripe! It does come freeze-dried, so maybe I’ll give that a try instead. If it lives up to the testimonials – or rather the tripe-a-monials – clean teeth on all the dogs might be worth the smell!

2 Comments on “Green tripe”

  1. Kathy says:

    Has anyone had experience with a carsick apso? Poor Sweet Pete isn’t a world traveller! After an hour in the car, he is one sick pooch! Have tried holistic approach with ginger products and finally resorted to Dramamine and that didn’t work either. I would so appreciate your helpful suggestions!

  2. Vickie says:

    What’s the dramamine dose you tried? Some dogs require more, up to a full tablet. That’s the only thing I found that will work for Frankers.

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