Mountain dogs

Toshimi sent these photos along with the following note:

Thank you Debby.
I want to see Koyuki’s aunt too!
Here is the photo at Baldy mountain not Himalaya.
But, the  Summit elevation is 13,684 feet.
My apsos enjoyed the mountain.


The photo belows reminds me of her grandmother, Victoria. Victoria has spent most of her life with Julie and Kaylee, but for a little while she lived here with me. Before Nate could drive, it was my responsibility to get him to early morning swim practice in the summer. 6:30 AM to be exact! Six days a week! I don’t miss those days! Our house is about 20 minutes from Evergreen, so workdays I went for a hike before work, rather than spend another 40 minutes on the road. Victoria was, by far, the best hiker of any of my dogs. She would be out in front of me blazing the trail. It didn’t matter if the hike was 3 miles long, she hiked with enthusiasm. Seems like her granddaughter Koyuki does too.


What a pretty photo of Sakura. I love how her yellow barrette with the yellow flowers..


Tet takes such great photos!

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