Dante Do

A rescue friend penned this poem for Dante after seeing his “hairdo” photo and a yard sign I snagged off eBay.

Dante Do, Dante Don’t

Dante can but Dante won’t

Not a chicken not a goose

Not a horse and not a moose

Not an ordinary pooch …

It’s a Lhasa Apso running loose!

As Debby mentioned previously, Dante and I had the good fortune to take back-to-back Best of Breed wins in Eagle, Colorado in mid July.  Given the challenges presented by Dante (a/k/a “DemonChild”) — including being excused from the ring because “somebody” was throwing a royal hissy fit on the table and having to pull him out of competition for 5 months — the wins were that much sweeter.  Having friends there to share in our moment was apsolutely icing on the cake! 

As a newcomer to the show scene (2 years), the experience has deepened my appreciation for the qualities and characteristics that make an Apso “an Apso” and the dedication of the breeders who have preserved this ancient land race.  But for them, this unique breed would have vanished into the mists of the Himalayans decades upon decades past.  How bereft our lives would be without our beloved Apsos … and the friends who share our passion.




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