Swimming Koyuki

Toshimi sent this poem and I just had to share!
Koyuki is Edie’s litter sister, sired by Ian and out of Tequlia.


She likes to play in river and lake like my Chacha does.
She does not scare anything.
Now she can do anything she want to!
Because she can not be a show dog any more.
Her face coat never grow. Puppy face forever….
by Toshimi

See more photos of Koyuki

5 Comments on “Swimming Koyuki”

  1. Kathy says:

    What great photos!!! I didn’t know that apsos could swim!

  2. Toshimi says:

    Thank you Debby and Kathy.
    Yes! apsos could swim much better than me!

  3. lhasalhady says:

    Toshimi, how did you teach Koyuki to do this? Or did she just jump in the water and start swimming?

  4. Toshimi says:

    She play in river almost every day.g
    She walk in the lake from shallow to deep. Can not reach her feets then start to swim. Sakura also love to pay in water.
    But, she never goes to deep place.

  5. lhasalhady says:

    Koyuki’s aunt Vivian – Koyuki’s father Ian is a littermate to Vivian – lives with Sarah. In June, I met Sarah at my grooming shop because I was going to watch Viv while Sarah went on a trip. We shared a bottle of wine, sitting at the picnic table right next to Bear Creek, which runs by the north side of the building my shop is in. The water was running really fast, so every time Viv went near the creek, I worried. Sarah told me Viv never goes in the water, even when Sarah is wading in the water and invites. So, I wanted her to see Viv’s niece, The Swimming Koyuki!

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